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Offers a complete design service, from conceptual drawings and images through to construction, project management and ongoing maintenance.We are passionate about holistic design
- taking our inspiration from the surrounding architecture and environment; how you live, work and play. Creating flow, movement and form. Blending strong, clean architectural lines with soft, natural elements.
Most important of all
- it is your outdoor space, not ours.!!
garden contractors. garden designers. garden gardeners. Designs and markets fences, gates, furniture, and other constructions of bamboo for use in gardens, commercial, public, and residential sites. carpet/cow grass suppliers pond contractors.
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sample project

welcome to the pond contractor!! bring paradise home!
Bring your ordinary landscape to life by installing a water feature. Adding Koi or other fish to your pond is an additional bonus, Let's face it, no matter how nice the landscaping is, nothing is more natural than water-and a landscape without it is relatively boring. without a focal point, an area to relax with friends and family, a conversation piece, a serenity spot of your own to enjoy the sights and sounds waterfalls offer, a place for the birds and butterflies to visit,it's just another yard.

Water features transform an ordinary landscape into a delightful retreat. Whether you seek something more relaxed like a calm stream, or a little more excitement with a rushing waterfall, The Pond Contractor offers a number of different possibilities to choose from. We can accommodate any spot in the yard and build it any size. In fact, depending on the design, a water feature is excellent for solving landscape design issues such as a slope you are not sure what to do with, a shady area your sod won't grow in, a rocky terrain, etc.
What can be a more pleasant way to welcome friends and family to your home
Near the front door? Maybe you aren't familiar with what is available but have been recently introduced to the water gardening world by a co-worker or a neighbor; a family member or friend. Do you have a smaller budget or a limited space to work with? If maintenance is a concern, don't let it be-our features practically maintain themselves! Do you have small children or pets? No problem! We have met all of these challenges and more with great success; we have something for everyone! Please take the time to read through our web site; there is plenty of information.
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garden makeover projects

This corner lot house in behind zoo negara began life as a tired, uninviting, dark and gloomy space with terracotta paving and railway sleepers.
i was brief to create an extension of the existing home and lifestyle, an urban sanctuary in which to relax, revitalise and energise. Using clean simple lines ,have created a cutting edge, yet low maintenance entertaining space.
The main focus is the seamless sandstone bridge which seemingly floats over a black tiled pond filled with koi fish

seksyen 7

The clients brief was to create a very useable but eye-catching entertaining space for both adults and children alike. Garden Life created a lush tropical garden with native elements, and a lush lawn for the kids.
Existing terraced garden beds were planted with abundant contrasting vegetation, with a native Elaeocarpus hedge at the side of the house.
Contemporary paving and a built in BBQ are softened by the existing sandstone retaining walls.

The brief for this project in shah alam was to provide the clients with an inviting intimate space on their front part. The area is extremely exposed, and subject to full sun and high winds. The solution was to design a garden using tough coastal planting in stylish long canal pond which require lot a water, as well as creating privacy and humidity. Privacy was also provided by the tall and long pond to create drama.

this modern terrace courtyard was originally an uninviting empty courtyard, with the sun reflected in glaring white tiles and walls. The clients never used the space and wanted a complete transformation for themselves and their young son.
Spotted gum timber decking of various widths rises into a planter bed for the grasses and bamboo, the back wall set off by a powdercoated geoscreen.

This project involved the re-design of a delapidated rear terrace garden together with the construction of a contemporary garden at front of house.The rear garden required renovation and re-design. We introduced lush tropical coastal plants and pathways of sandstone and timber to create a magnificent coastal retreat. For the front garden and pool areas we created eye-catching contemporary designs which blended with the simple lines of the existing house.

This property comprises four distinctively different outdoor areas within a small urban townhouse.
This recently built garden provides a fertile retreat for the owners in Cremorne. The strong structure of horizontal wooden panel and big wide decking boards

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bamboo fence for sale

bamboo fence on sale!!!!
pagar buluh untuk di jual!!!
only rm49.90
-providing a background
-adding artistic balance
-cara pasang sangat senang.
- kos penghantaran rm15.oo semenanjung malaysia

on sale 49.90!!!
inginkan pagar begini?
resort style



bamboo fence dari dekat

teknik disertakan, hanya 10 minit,
dahulunya pagar diatas hanya pagar besi yang bekarat, bila saya install bambo fence ia bertukar menjadi resort style..
pagar buluh yang saya gunakan ini berjaya mengubah keadaan pintu gate pelanggan saya. dia tidak melakukan apa apa, ambil masa hanya 30 minit sahaja. tidak perlu mengupah orang. jimat kos.sangat lasak. apakah tujuan utama anda nak install bamboo fence? sudah tentu untuk keelamatan, screeening, bg nampak background dan paling standard nak adding artistic balance.
bagaimana ingin order?
saya berada di ampang untuk datang dan ambil
langganan melalui penghantaran pos laju.?
bank in payment kepada cimb saya dan besok paginya saya akan terus pos kepada anda


"We are very happy with our bamboo fencing. We used the fencing to create a small Japanese garden on our back balcony. Previously our balcony overlooked the building next door, which was not a nice view. With the fencing, we created a more peaceful view and added a new "room" to our home." jeg


I hope that you are able to keep your bamboo products cost effective, as I am very glad that I found you on the internet." ed

on sale rm39.90

kol or sms for delivery
cimb bank account

Have any questions or comments or want to share your experience with me? i love hearing from you and seeing the results of your projects, so send me a message or give me a call!!


bamboo fencing
Create a memorable experience
Bamboo fencing is perfect for your indoor and outdoor decorative needs. You can use rolled bamboo fencing for walls, barriers, room dividers, windows, ceilings, and more. Create a beautiful outdoor structural fence by using multiple panels together and add a new exotic look!
we offer long-lasting, top-quality bamboo fencing for all your fencing needs. Our bamboo fencing is made of durable . Unlike the use of conventional woods, by using bamboo materials, you not only have a unique and elegant look, but are also contributing to preserving the environment. Bamboo is considered a green building and decorating material since it grows rapidly, making it a renewable resource that is strong and durable.

dining is more than eating out - it's a form of entertainment. That means guests don't want to "feel at home." They want a memorable experience away from home. Savvy eateries understand that restaurant interior design is part of that memorable experience. Creative restaurant interior design, however, does not require a million-dollar investment -

Build the brand into your design
Every house requires a different flavor, a different flare - and different experience. Building design multiplies the value of your interior investment because it communicates your message..

bamboo is a great solution for covering existing fences and structures, or hiding unsightly pool pumps or dog kennels. It is sturdy, durable, and does the work of a traditional fence. At times though, a solid fence is not what you are looking for, but rather something with a lighter weight and texture.
Bamboo fences are fun and easy to install. There are many ways to install bamboo fencing. If there is no existing fence it just requires posts and rails to support the bamboo.

Strength of Bamboo
Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is very durable and resilient. In fact, although bamboo is flexible and lightweight, it has received hardness, or strength, ratings higher than many hardwoods. Also, bamboo has been likened to maple wood, which has been observed as one of the hardest woods available. Additionally, bamboo is also a naturally water resistant material and part of the manufacturing process of bamboo includes lamination which increases its resistance to warping

Regardless of the decorating project at hand or how you choose to incorporate bamboo elements the use of bamboo will turn your home or yard into an island getaway right at home, that will provide you and your friends comfort, entertainment, relaxation, and unique beauty for years.

What is Bamboo?
Bamboo is technically a group of woody perennial evergreen plants. Simply put bamboo is a tree-like grass. It is considered extremely renewable because it is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. Bamboo can betreated and can also form a very hard, lightweight, but durable wood. This durable wood works effectively for construction, architecture, decoration, furniture, and more.

We wanted to create a smaller version of an outdoor bamboo fence that was suitable for use indoors. The goal was to produce something with a bit more finish that could cover up some unsightly wires in our front office lobby. We started with a roll of mahogany stained bamboo fencing. We chose the mahogany bamboo finish because it had a darker color that we felt complimented our interior better. Natural or black bamboo could have easily been used by choosing a different stain color for the wood framing. One interesting thing to note is the mahogany bamboo fencing is actually darker than the black bamboo fence rolls.

Versatility of Bamboo
Bamboo is tremendously versatile. It can be used for construction, architecture, decoration, food, musical instruments, medicine, furniture, fishing rods, and much, much more. In the United States, bamboo is typically used for decorative purposes for home and garden. Bamboo’s durability also allows it to be used for flooring, fencing, wall coverings and area rugs in high traffic or weathering areas.. With such numerous uses for bamboo, it’s not wonder why bamboo product offer such versatility for one’s home or landscaping needs. For example, because of its water resiliency, bamboo can be used in places where typical woods cannot such as bathrooms, outdoor patios, and kitchens.

Transforming your backyard into a tropical oasis is one of the easiest ways to bring a sense of the islands into your everyday life. A key way to accomplish the transformation is the easy to apply...